Random and the most weirdest travel tips

So you have been searching through the internet to find the most important travel tips. Or about travel tips. But may be you are tired of reading the same old tips everywhere. Chances are everyone is copying from a source and modifying it to their needs. But no one actually shares tips which are a tad bit different. Or travel tips which are actually helpful. So today I will try my best to present to you weird yet very helpful travel tips. I have been traveling throughout the world for a very long time. I have dedicated 19 years of my life to traveling. I have transitioned from black and white screen televisions to full HD internet. I have been a travel blogger before it was cool. During my early days I used to go on random trips and then come back and write for my local newspaper and different magazines. As during that time internet was not wide spread. So with all the experience let me start with my weird travel tips.


You need the best travel pants for you trip:


When it comes to travel clothing everyone focuses on mainly shoes and travel jacket and what not. No one really focuses on travel pants. With my years of traveling i found out why best travel pants are a necessity. When you are traveling you will be going to places which are foreign to you. The roads and paths may not be as smooth as you are used to. You might even have to climb small mountains to reach certain destinations. So always be sure to carry the best travel pants with you as it will help you a lot in your journey.


Carry your own towel:


Now this tip may come off as really random and weird to you but trust me I have learnt this the hard way. Who wants to pack a towel with them. I mean it seems that a towel will take up useless space in your luggage. And besides every hotel room has their own towel that comes when booking the room. But you will not be using the towel mainly for drying off your body but for different reasons too. The towel can be used in variety of ways. When in long flights and you need to get some sleep the plane  seats are made as if no one would sleep in planes. Plane seats can be really uncomfortable at times. You can use your towel as a pillow. And as towels can be folded and molded as your liking you can get the most comfort out of it and can get some quality sleep during flying. This along with the best travel pants are two of my favorite belongings when it comes to traveling.


Book way ahead of time:


Now this is a little trick that I learnt. There are some hotels where you can book a lot before you want to stay there. Approximately six months before staying at the given hotel. Now you must be thinking what if you are not able to go to your trip during that certain booking period. It is not a problem. Book your room for a prolonged period of time. If you were to stay for 7 days then book your hotel room and make reservation for thirty days. When your vacation or trip time starts coming closer you will have a clear idea on exact which date you can go to the trip. Just call up the hotel and specify your dates and they will likely make some arrangements and cancel out the extra days. This is a very nifty trick to get reservations even during very busy time of the year. Just plan ahead of time!






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