Deciding on the best Pilates Fitness Equipment

Firstly a quick introduction into pilates will permit you to understand the core benefits and features of this attempted and tested fitness and wellbeing technique and practice. The art and practice of pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, mostly as ‘system’ to aid in the recovery of war veterans, and is centered around the control of muscle, which is essentially summed in what Joseph Pilates named Contrology.

Typically the overall practise of yoga, whether using pilates fitness equipment or not, is about effective breathing, active concentration on the workouts, control, precision and the centering of the body and mind. The results actually speak for themselves, with an overall wellbeing of both mind and body, not to mention the increased overall flexibility that certain will enjoy as one progresses within these routines.

The very origins of pilates, did not involve any significant ‘machinery’ or equipment, besides that of the padded mat, which is often times referred to as matwork, when practising this self-control. Because the fitness routines developed and were refined, Paul began to implement and develop specific pilates fitness equipment for added efficacy and optimization of exercises within the overall realm of pilates exercises website. The majority of exercises conducted with this equipment is based after what is known as resistance training

Arguably the most used pilates fitness equipment that is utilized most often are the reformer, or pilates ring, the yoga ball and the yoga arm rings. Beyond these, and the bigger pilates exercise equipment include the Trapeze Table, the Wunda Chair and the Ladder Barrel or clip. There are additional items, which are often used in the professional studio setup, however these items tend to become quite expensive and are not commonly seen in the home atmosphere.

Starting out with pilates, should include the use of the basic items described like the mat, the reformer and the yoga ball; this should also be complimented with instructional dvd videos, which will allow you to practice pilates with the utmost confidence under the guidance of the professional instructor within home. Right now you won’t have an excuse not to try out pilates and use your pilates fitness equipment, can you?

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