A Summary Of Some Common Skin Rashes In Babies

Cradle limit is a condition where patches of greasy yellow flakes and small pimple-like bumps show on the scalps of healthy babies. At times it may appear on the eyebrows, ears and other areas where sebaceous glands are located. That can occur in any baby, and appear during the early weeks of life and will clear by the sixth month.
baby rash
A few dermatologists feel that high levels of maternal hormones are transmitted to the child during the final weeks of pregnancy. This makes the sebaceous (oil) glands in the baby’s skin agitée which trigger overproduction of sebum which not only overstimulates the growth of new skin cells but also binds the old skin cells into flakes and crusts. It often has a gentle unpleasant smell and does not cause any discomfort to the baby rashes.

Some doctors recommend leaving behind it alone but I prefer to treat it early because I have seen many cases whereby the crust becomes so solid that whenever it is rubbed baby rash causes, large chunks of hair comes off departing a very red and raw looking area. Treatment is to apply a open-handed level of baby oil to the influenced area about 20 minutes before the baby’s bath. This will allow the crust to be soft and easy to remove.

Through the bath, apply a little baby shampoo to the head and by using a soft hair clean or face cloth, lightly brush or rub the crust off. Do this once a day until the crust has been completely removed. Sometimes it may recur after a few days so continue to clean baby’s hair in the same way. Once the baby’s sebaceous (oil) intrigue settle down the problem will disappear. N. B. The oil application must be shampooed out to prevent an oily buildup which might make the condition even worse. Do not try and remove the crusts and weighing scales with the tip of the fingernail.

Heat rash involves tiny blisters filled with sweat. It forms when the pores become clogged and prevent the sweat glands from releasing the sweat or when heat and humidity exceed the ability of the sweat glands to cool the body baby skin rash. Babies are especially vulnerable because their ability to sweat is not totally developed and they often wear or lie on waterproof materials. It normally develops around the throat, face, armpits and sometimes on the chest and back.

Western medication includes applying calamine lotion and antihistamines for severe irritation. Sometimes applying a light dusting of corn starch powder may help to relieve the itchiness. Chinese traditional treatment is to bathroom the child with boiled dried out bitter gourd vine daily for 3 days.

That is best to stop the condition from developing by dressing the baby in light cotton clothes especially in warm or hot weather. Avoid laying the baby on a plastic protected mattress or pad. Carry out not apply moisturizing ointment or lotions or use bath oils for children under a few months as these products may clog the pores. Do not over wrap the baby in layers of clothes and swaddling blanket.

Nappy break outs is often due to infrequent nappy change leading to irritation from ammonia which is released when germs starts breaking down the contents of a dirty nappy. It could be credited for an allergy to your washing powder or fabric conditioner if your infant wears cloth diapers or a food/drug allergy especially antibiotics. The genital area, buttocks, groins and sometimes the upper thighs will look red and inflamed. It might be dry or moist and frequently look pimply. Babies with nappy rash may be very fussy and yowls frequently or does not seem to be bothered in any way.

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